4 ways to jazz up your backyard in Townsville

awnings townsvilleTownsville residents love staying outside as long as they can, because they live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. It can however get very hot at some times of the year, so they need to prepare their homes for extreme weather. When you prepare to jazz up your backyard in Townsville, think about the amount of time you will want to spend in it, and then explore solutions to keep you protected during this time. You will want to be as cool and comfortable as possible, while still being in a yard that looks amazing. Find a balance between practicality and aesthetics.


1: Awnings

awnings townsvilleForget the old-style awnings that have been on so many houses for years. Instead, explore new products that are stylish and contemporary. Their angles and shapes look impressive on any home, and they will help protect your family from the sun. Nobody wants to sit outside in the peak of Townsville’s summer, unless adequate shade has been provided.


Sit back and relax under awnings Townsville that are attached to windows, but that can also extend over your backyard. Place chairs, benches and tables underneath them and you have your very own outdoor room. As the seasons change, your awnings can too. Choose a flexible style that allows your awnings to be adjusted quickly and easily when you need to.



2: Native plants

Queensland is rich with vegetation and native plants that thrive in the local soil. When you plan your backyard renovation, embrace native plants. They will grow better, be hardier and even better looking. Talk to your local nursery owner about the best plants for your area. Those that prefer to live in shade can be grown under your awnings. It is not just people who want to escape the heat of Townsville.


3: Outdoor rooms

awnings townsvilleAn outdoor room resembles one indoors, because it is created with just as much love and care. Use your awning to define the space in your yard, for your outdoor room. You can then arrange tables, chairs and benches just like you would in your lounge room. Invest in a quality outdoor rug that can be left out in the elements. You can also add in throw rugs and cushions when you have a social gathering, and take them indoors at night.



4: A shower

If you have family members who surf, participate in outdoor sports, or like to get dirty in the garden, add a shower in your backyard. It only needs to be simple, and a beautiful screen can be built for privacy. This is a great idea if you want to prevent people from traipsing dirt and sand through your house, because they can wash themselves off outside first instead. A shower in the outdoors is also incredibly refreshing during summer, when you have just returned home from a beach near Townsville.